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Gregg Dixon is an accomplished executive with 29+ years of robust business and financial expertise, specializing in healthcare and government sectors. Embarking on his illustrious career in 1995, his journey began in the Internal Audit Department of VNHS (Visiting Nurse Health System), where he was appointed as a visionary leader reporting directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. In this first pivotal role, he shaped the organization’s governance structure and risk management practices, growing from his initial auditing role to the Corporate Controller.

Gregg later served as the CFO of the Department of Community Health (DCH) in Atlanta, GA. In this role, he managed all financial departments linked to Georgia’s Medicaid and State Benefit Plan as in addition to health improvement units. In this capacity, Gregg ensured the fiscal integrity of more than $1.7B in payments to providers and reimbursements to state employees and Medicaid recipients.

The Navigation of Complex Acquisitions

Gregg’s keen analytical prowess and strategic foresight were apparent from the outset, but truly blossomed during his tenure at CarePartners, in Asheville. As the CFO, Gregg navigated the organization through two significant acquisitions: first, the Mission acquisition, followed by the challenging HCA acquisition. The latter was particularly intricate, involving the transition from a non-profit entity to being acquired by a for-profit organization. In response, Gregg skillfully developed distinct financial oversight tools for the CarePartners organization and its foundation, allowing the foundation’s strategic separation into the WNC Bridge Foundation post-merger.

Since his tenure at CarePartners, Gregg joined the leadership team of a start-up in Northeast Florida, Alivia Care (the parent company of Community Hospice and Palliative Care), as Executive VP and CFO. His Executive Stewardship directed Alivia Care on significant initiatives, enhancing operational efficiency, as well as a seamless acquisition of a Medicare Certified home health agency, navigating complex regulatory landscapes with finesse. Moreover, Gregg established a robust accounting infrastructure and financial reporting systems, best suited for the diversified portfolio and the organizational growth trajectory of Alivia Care.

Gregg Dixon: A Visionary Leader in Financial Management

With a proven track-record in healthcare environments and government organizations, Gregg stands as a beacon of excellence in the financial management world. His analytical abilities, strategic acumen and collaborative approach are a critical enhancement to the Kaplan CFO Team.

Gregg is poised to make invaluable contributions as a Kaplan CFO, empowering clients to achieve their financial goals, unlocking their full potential. Welcome aboard, Gregg! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.

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