Welcome Chris Grissom: New Kaplan CFO

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Kaplan CFO Solutions is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, Chris Grissom, as a Fractional Chief Financial Officer. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, Chris brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of strategic financial leadership to our organization and our clients.

Proven Executive of Multi-Generational Businesses

Chris is a seasoned Senior Finance Executive, known for his extensive experience in serving generational businesses across various sectors, focused on his profound impact on financial strategy, management, and operational efficiency.

Chris’s pivotal roles at organizations such as Hunter Corporation, McGee Brothers Company, Wells Fargo, and Highland Hospital have proven his broad acumen in:

  • Strategic Financial Leadership: Chris has demonstrated exceptional skill in navigating companies through complex financial landscapes, driving profitability, and ensuring sustainable growth. His strategic planning and financial management acumen have been pivotal in transforming financial and operational frameworks to achieve and exceed financial goals.
  • Operational Improvements and Management Systems: At the forefront of operational enhancements, Chris successfully diagnosed and resolved system inefficiencies, redesigned core processes, and implemented management information systems for real-time operational controls. His initiatives have consistently improved margins and operational efficiency.
  • Financial Restructuring and Risk Management: Chris’s strategic foresight in financial restructuring, including guiding spin-offs and consolidating banking relationships, has significantly reduced fees, broadened cash management solutions, and increased returns on cash reserves. His approach to managing risk exposures is both innovative and effective, ensuring robust financial health for the organizations he has worked with.
  • Innovation in Financial Processes: Through the implementation of automation in accounts payable and the introduction of digital delivery systems, Chris has streamlined financial operations, enhancing transparency, speed, and accuracy in financial processing. These innovations have resulted in substantial cost savings and increased profitability.
  • Wealth Management and Strategic Advisory: Chris’s role in wealth management and as a trusted advisor for closely held business owners showcases his versatility in addressing a wide range of financial, strategic, and governance issues. His work in estate planning, wealth transfer, and charitable giving strategies has created significant value for business owners and their families.
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance: Chris’s expertise extends to strengthening corporate governance frameworks, ensuring compliance, and enhancing internal controls. His leadership has fortified the financial and operational integrity of prior organizations, positioning them for long-term success.

Chris’s career is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, strategic innovation, and a deep commitment to the financial well-being of the businesses he serves. His contributions have left a lasting impact, making him an invaluable asset to Kaplan CFO Solutions Team.

Welcome aboard, Chris!

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