Paul Demmink, New Kaplan CFO in Roaring Gap, North Carolina

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Here we GROW again! As our fractional services have expanded, encompassing more remote client-engagements, our need for a dedicated, telecommuting CFO became clear. Finding the right fit in a remote position creates a deeper need for confidence in the candidate’s strong work ethic, savvy technical abilities, and robust communication skills. When we met with Paul Demmink, we were blown away by each of these represented strengths. Pair these with his impressive career history, and we knew we had the right person.

Local CFO, and So Much More…

Paul Demmink, CFO

You may have known Paul locally as the CFO of National Wiper Alliance. He assumed this role with a clear plan in mind: get the business ready for sale. He worked to reconfigure processes, resulting in doubling revenue in 2-years’ time, implemented new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Scanner) systems, renegotiated existing credit facilities, and led the executive team through sale negotiations with five potential buyers.

How was he capable of doing this so quickly and efficiently? Mr. Demmink has been though his share of professional experiences. His career started in Audit Financing (Price Waterhouse), and within a few short years he became the Senior Vice President of Finance for a Technology company. He served several organizations as VP and CFO, such as Broadway & Seymour (now Fintech/FIS), before becoming President and Owner of his own business: Mid-South Sales Group, which Paul successfully grew from $700K to $5.9M in annual revenues.

“Experience isn’t the best teacher. EVALUATED experience is.”

―John Maxwell

Since 2004, Paul has guided a multitude of executive groups through complex and challenging processes, from private equity sales to bankruptcy filings, and everything in between. His focus and forward-thinking provides the support struggling businesses need to reform, adjust, and restore their potential. He implements 3- and 5-year strategic plans, increases revenues, streamlines processes, and augments EBITDA. His skillset has benefited manufacturing companies, medical facilities, financial institutions, and even farms, over a sprawling 40+ year career.

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