Daryl Crouse

Equity Partner & CFO

Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive Decision Support
  • Tax Strategy
  • Risk and Resource Management
  • Budgeting
  • Banking Oversight
  • Policy Development
  • Strategic Wealth Transfer
  • Financial Modeling
  • Operational Improvement

Recent Engagements:

  • 2020 Builders, Affordable Residential Construction
  • Van Wingerden International, Wholesale Nursery

Previous Experience:

  • CFO/Treasurer, Taylor & Murphy Construction, Inc. (Asheville, NC)

Daryl Crouse joined Kaplan CFO Solutions in 2013, after a very successful career with Taylor & Murphy Construction Co., Inc & Affiliates. He joined Taylor & Murphy in 1983 as the company’s first Controller. Most recently, Daryl served as Treasurer and CFO, helping to grow revenues from $4.9 million in 1988 to $88 million in 2013. Daryl brings a wealth of construction industry experience to Kaplan CFO with expertise in executive decision support, tax strategies, risk and resource management, budgeting and banking oversight, policy development and strategic wealth transfer.

"I am passionate about my clients and am dedicated to their success. I've built my Asheville-based community since 1980, and will always leverage my long-standing relationships for my clients' benefit."

—Daryl Crouse
Play Video about Van Wingerden Greenhouses filled with hanging baskets and floral plants