Alternative Growth Capital—

Join us for an exclusive webinar presented by Kaplan CFO Solutions, designed for entrepreneurs and business owners exploring alternative growth capital avenues. Gain valuable insights from our esteemed panel of experts who will dive deep into the nuances of non-traditional funding sources, addressing key questions and considerations for businesses seeking to fuel their growth.

This event has already occurred.

Date:         Thursday, March 7
Time:         10 AM to 11:30 AM
Location:  Online

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why attend—

  • Understand the minimum investment thresholds for various alternative capital sources.
  • Learn the implications of warrants for shares, and how it compares to selling equity.
  • Discover the conditions and potential outcomes of mezzanine loans, including covenant defaults.
  • Uncover the upfront fees associated with venture capital, angel investors, and mezzanine lenders.
  • Explore the requirements for board representation by investors and how to adapt to governance changes.
  • Navigate the exit strategies for venture capital investments and mezzanine financing.
  • Delve into equity investment structures, investor rights, and more.

meet our panelists—

John Stanier of Clarity Capital Advisors

John Stanier

Partner of Clarity Capital Advisors

Chris Renno of JACs Capital

Chris Renno

Partner of JACS Capital

Logan Trotter of Salem Investments

Logan Trotter

Partner of Salem Investments