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Our newest Tri-Cities CFO—David Temple—is a powerhouse of international financial acumen.

David Temple: Tri-Cities Tennessee CFO

David Temple, Tri-Cities CFO

With 30+ years of financial management experience, David cut his teeth as CFO at Tiger Brands, a South African packaged goods company formerly known as Tiger Oats (Est 1921). While the brand is a household staple overseas, you may better know them through their collaborative ventures with Heinz Corporation. David grew his financial team to 30 employees, managing all financial controls, as well as fiscally reporting to Heinz regarding all joint projects.

CEO Expertise—Acquisition, Integration and Core Business Strategy

After leaving Tiger Brands, David launched a South African company known as Saratoga Software. This business was successfully transitioned to the US in 2001 and rebranded as Saratoga Technologies, specializing in IT, computer networking, repair, consulting and more.

As CEO, David grew the business from 2 to 60 employees in a remarkable seven-year span. Through strategic mergers and acquisitions, business boomed and expanded to 4 locations with 120 employees across Eastern Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. In 2019, David implemented his exit strategy, productively selling the company to Sharp Corporation.

David attributes much of his company’s success to the development and execution of a written strategic plan. He firmly believes that it is imperative to create a strategic plan by which the management team, the sales team and the operations team can understand and commit to. Only then, can a financial model be developed to understand the financial resources that are needed to support profit and cash flow.

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Why Kaplan Chose to Expand in East Tennessee

Businesses across the globe are relocating to the Tri-Cities region. With strategic access to I-26, I-40 and I-81, paired with convenience to more than 70% of the US in under one-days travel, it’s no wonder these 13 counties are budding with industrial and corporate vision.

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