John Anderson, New Kaplan CFO

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Kaplan CFO Solutions is pleased to announce a new addition to the Western North Carolina office: John Anderson.

John has served in a Fractional CFO and COO model for 15 years, as the owner of JBA & Associates, Inc. During this time he served clients throughout Louisianna, including government and municipality segments.

His leadership successfully led to influencing the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) to integrate new technology into the Federal Government’s Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) systems. This resulted in John’s co-founded, patented technology added to all new smartphones sold in the US. As of December 2019, WEA requires “device-based geotargeting” on all smartphones.

His business acumen led to mutliple business ventures over the years, including the co-creation of a real estate development company in Mammoth Lakes, California—where he successfully built and sold vacation homes, even amidst the 2008 Recession. Additionally, for more than 15 years, John was the owner of General Paper Company in Baton Rouge, a wholesale distributor of paper, food service, and janitorial products. He effectively transitioned and sold this business to new ownership in 2000.

John’s entreprenurial mindset, experience in reorganizing processes, restructuring management functions, and technological astutueness make him a well-rounded and invaluable addition to the Kaplan CFO Team.

His past CFO and COO experience has included clients in the medical field, debt collection firms, technology companies, not-for-profits, insurance agencies, and the Louisianna Department of Social Services. In addition to years of hands-on involvement, John is also a Certfied Public Accountant (CPA), and an ISO 9002 Certified Internal Auditor.

While John has always been highly connected within the community, serving as Board Chair, Council, and on various Finance Committees, he is new and adjusting to the Bat Cave area. If you see him out and about, be sure to introduce yourself! As James Whitcomb Riley said: “To make the world a friendly place, one must show it a friendly face.”

Would you like to welcome John to the team? Contact him directly:

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