Emerge Successful: Realign, Retool and Rebuild Your Business

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How will you lead your company and align your team in 2021? In this time of great uncertainty, we know many of you are juggling the “what-if scenarios” with no path in sight. Emerge Successful is a six-week online business course designed to help you and your team Realign, Retool and Rebuild your company. If you are a small business owner, Chief Executive Officer of a medium sized business, or an executive of a nonprofit organization, we invite you to join us to create your ,strategic recovery plan and walk away with a roadmap to Emerge Successful.


Lead instructors Meredith Powell, Ken Kaplan, Annice Brown, and Hassan Vaqar have spent their careers as business coaches working with small and medium size organizations resulting in tremendous results for their clients. During this deep dive workshop you will:


  1. Strengthen your skills to assess scenario-based planning
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  3. Revisit your mission and vision
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  5. Develop financial forecasting based on your industry
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  7. Re-examine key areas: Operations, Management, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT
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  9. Create a Timeline
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  11. Design an Accountability Plan
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