Emerge Successful: Realign, Retool and Rebuild Your Business

How will you lead your company and align your team in 2021? In this time of great uncertainty, we know many of you are juggling the “what-if scenarios” with no path in sight. Emerge Successful is a six-week online business course designed to help you and your team Realign, Retool and Rebuild your company. If […]

Beyond PPP: Projecting Cash Flow (August 27, 9:30 – 11 am)

As businesses struggle to navigate the PPP regulations, others are looking ahead and asking: How do you project cash flow in such an uncertain market? nn Join Ken Kaplan and Mike Holt of Kaplan CFO Solutions for a no-nonsense approach to projecting cash flow and building resiliency in any market. Get concrete examples that your […]

Updates on SBA Activities, Issues and Area Lenders

n Thanks to our Kaplan CFO Referral Partners at Allen, Stahl & Kilbourne for providing a good list of updates to funding decisions, issues and lender activity. n n As of April 13th: As available funds dwindle, many small firms are squeezed out and concern increases n n n UPDATES (as of April 13th): n […]

A Strategic Business Approach to Navigating COVID-19

n The effects of COVID-19 have been immediate and completely disruptive, for both consumers and businesses. As owners struggle to deal with the uncertainty, anxiety levels are high. How will non-essential companies survive? How do essential businesses plan with so many variables in play? n n To help offset the economic repercussions of the global […]

Strong brands enjoy more efficient business models than weak ones.

n “Most balance sheets do not track brand value because it is an “intangible” asset. This is a pragmatic accounting practice. That is fine but it can be a trap because “intangible” implies “unimportant” to people who are looking to cut costs. “Brands Have Two Jobs” describes a path forward that aligns the objectives of […]

Etson Brandenburg Joins Kaplan CFO Solutions

n Kaplan CFO Solutions, the region’s largest provider of interim CFO services, has announced that Etson Brandenburg has joined the firm. Etson comes to Kaplan CFO from Enzymedica Inc. (Venice, FL) where he had served as Chief Operating Officer since 2016. n n Etson’s career has spanned more than 44 years, 20 of which have […]

The Power of Partnerships

n In their most recent on-line newsletter, Kaplan CFO Referral Partner, The Platinum Group shared a story that perfectly reflects our view of how any community ensures success for all. n n There is a distinctive point in autumn when a noticeable shift hits the light. It hangs just a wee bit lower in the […]

How Modern LMS Boosts Employee Engagement

n As the country’s business focus shifts to understanding the value of company culture and employee satisfaction, employee engagement has become a hot topic for managers and CEOs. Employee engagement is the level of commitment an employee feels toward the organization they’re working for. While many businesses are working toward employee satisfaction with more flexible […]

Mark Majewski Joins Kaplan CFO Solutions

Kaplan CFO Solutions, the region’s largest provider of interim CFO services, has announced that Mark Majewski has joined the firm. Mark comes to Kaplan CFO from Liguria Foods (Humboldt, IA) where he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager. n n “We’re thrilled to have Mark join the team. He is a highly driven […]

Understanding COBRA Requirements

n The following content is provided courtesy of Kaplan CFO’s Referral Partners, a network of trusted service providers working with our CFOs on behalf of our clients. For more information, visit our Referral Partner page. n n The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) has been a law for over 30 years, but many business […]