Women Business Owners Convey Optimism and Confidence

Explore the findings of a recent survey revealing the prevailing optimism and confidence among women business owners compared to their male counterparts. The article delves into the factors contributing to this sentiment, such as professional networks, access to credit, and agility in navigating the economy.

Unlocking Alternative Growth Capital – A Comprehensive Guide

Bar Graph with upward arrows indicating growth

In the recent webinar hosted by Kaplan CFO Solutions, leading experts convened to demystify the landscape of alternative growth capital. This white paper distills their insights, providing a roadmap for businesses seeking non-traditional funding avenues. Watch the Recorded Webinar Introducing Alternative Capital: What It Is and How It’s Used Insights from Chris Renno, JACS Capital […]

Welcoming Jenifer Bolton as Our New CFO 

Meet Jenifer Bolton Article

Jenifer brings with her a proven history of success in the financial world. With extensive experience in financial management, strategic planning, and risk management, Jen is positioned as an ideal Kaplan CFO.  

2023 Economic Outlook: Losing Altitude

May 17, 2023 | Written by: Sarah House, Senior Economist and Managing Director of Wells Fargo Corporate and Investment Bank Likely Recession in 2023, Hopeful for a Softer Landing In the ever-shifting landscape of global economics, we find ourselves at a precarious junction, straddling the fine line between optimism and concern. As we approach the […]

GAAP Standards and EIDL Loans: Potential Chaos on Your Loan Covenants?

GAAP Standards have been at the forefront of accounting conversations for more than two years now. However, with new standards finally taking effect for private companies in 2022, is there something business owners should be mindful of? What Biggest Change Did We See in GAAP Standards This Year? Lease Standards: Your lease commitments that terminate […]