GAAP Standards and EIDL Loans: Potential Chaos on Your Loan Covenants?

GAAP Standards have been at the forefront of accounting conversations for more than two years now. However, with new standards finally taking effect for private companies in 2022, is there something business owners should be mindful of? What Biggest Change Did We See in GAAP Standards This Year? Lease Standards: Your lease commitments that terminate […]

COVID EIDL Loans Deferred

How fast should you pay off your EIDL loan? It really depends on the use of the funds. At Kaplan CFO, we are big believers in using short-term debt to finance short-term assets, and long-term debt to finance long-term assets. Read on for the details.

Remote Management Skills for High Team Performance

Thanks to Kaplan CFO Referral Partner, Steve Rudolph for this post. “We see an incredible 42 percent of the U.S. labor force now working from home full-time…So, by sheer numbers, the U.S. is a working-from-home economy. Almost twice as many employees are working from home as at work.“ –May Wong, Stanford News If you haven’t […]