Exit Smart—

Think Like a Buyer

things You need to know when exiting your business

Welcome to a transformative webinar that is poised to reshape the way you think about business transitions. Whether you’re contemplating selling your enterprise, preparing for a buyout, or simply aiming to ensure that your company stands on firm financial ground, this is the place to be.

Beyond mere theory, you’ll gain actionable insights and hands-on strategies designed to maximize your business’s value and secure its legacy.

Your roadmap to a strategic business exit starts here!

OCTOBER 19, 2023
Beginning at 10:30 AM to 12 PM

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We’ve gathered thought leaders from Marmo Financial, Brown Edwards, and Kaplan CFO to distill their collective wisdom on the science of successful business exits. From valuation intricacies and tax considerations to talent retention and due diligence preparations, our panel of experts will delve deep into every facet of the exit process.

—The Agenda—

What We'll Discuss in this Webinar

Marmo Financial Insights:

Mastering the Balance: Corporate Cash Strategies
Post-Buyout Success: How to Keep Top Talent with Stellar Compensation Plans
Unifying Personal and Business Wealth: Seamless Financial Integration
Navigating Earnouts: Strategies for Success
Unlocking Your Business Worth: Steps to a Comprehensive Valuation

Brown Edwards Expertise:

Final Acts: Essential Accounting & Reporting When Closing Shop
The Clock’s Ticking: Smart Moves in Transaction Timing
Tax-Savvy Moves: Navigating Federal Tax in Your Favor
SALT Mastery: State and Local Tax Hacks You Need to Know
Securing Your Legacy: Understanding Estate Tax Impacts

Kaplan CFO Wisdom:

Selling Smart: Matching Your Financial Reality with Ideal Sale Prices
Succession Planning: Filling the Gaps for a Smooth Leadership Transition
Blueprint to Triumph: Lining Up Resources for Financial and Management Success
Finding Your Ideal Buyer: Strategic Matches that Elevate Value
Due Diligence Done Right: Leveraging CFO Expertise and External Pros for Maximum Returns