"Running a business, unsure if I was doing it right... really weighed on me."

—Page Campbell, General Manager of Carolina ColorTones

What keeps you up at night

is what gets us up each morning.

Financial uncertainty is a business owner’s worst nightmare. The faster you grow, the more complex it gets. We know. We’ve been around the block a few hundred times. We’re here for you: to simplify the complex and transform your uncertainty into confidence.  


The Gap

"We were growing but had limited budget for financial oversight."
—Joseph Hackett, Executive Director of Green Opportunities

It’s called the gap—you don’t have the financial expertise to manage your growth, but aren’t ready for a full-time CFO—and every growing business must cross it.

You need someone there, someone you can trust, to help guide you through the transition until a full-time CFO makes sense. That’s why we’re here.

Our team of CFOs helps small and mid-sized businesses cross ‘the gap.’ We work onsite or virtually as part of your management team, providing the financial leadership and day-to-day management you need to get to the other side.

Building Forward

In simplest terms, we build bridges—from where you are to where you want to be.  

What we bring

➔ 500+ years of cumulative CFO experience
➔ A history of building successful organizations
➔ A large professional services network
➔ The spirit of an entrepreneur

What we create

➔ Measurable results from Day 1
➔ A high-performance, proactive accounting team
➔ Scalable, long-term policies and procedures
➔ Mentorship for your younger leaders

What We Leave Behind

➔ A healthy and resilient financial culture
➔ The relationships to aid future growth
➔ A more confident, capable leadership team
➔ A full-time CFO to guide you forward

"In short, their part-time CFOs deliver full-time results."
—Mike Estes, Chief Lending Officer of First Community Bank

The Secret Sauce

"My Kaplan CFO gave me confidence in my role as CEO—I'm forever grateful."

—Karen Short, CEO of Universal Companies

Within every Kaplan CFO is the heart of an entrepreneur. We left the corporate grind because we wanted to get back to building businesses with clients we believe in. So, besides having a lifetime of C-Suite experience, we each love what we do. That’s our secret sauce; it’s what creates the trust and success we share with our clients.

The Greater Kaplan Network

Need more expertise, insights and perspectives? With Kaplan CFO, you’re never alone.  

Referral Partners

We have a wide network of trusted service providers—attorneys, CPAs, bankers, insurance experts and more—experienced professionals with whom we’ve previously worked. If you’re a client, graduated client, or referral partner, our network is your network.

This Month's Featured Referral Partners:

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Nathan Chappell, VP of Healthcare Banking at PNC Bank

Annice Brown,
Small Business Coach and Consultant

Aaron Slate, Market President at Truist

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